OSHA Infection Control

This course is designed to satisfy license renewal requirements by the SC Board of Dentistry. A total of 2  CEUs will be awarded by the Academy of General Dentistry. This course meets *OSHA 1910.1030* general requirements when paired with site specific instructions for dental license renewals. **  OSHA 1910.1030 Details **

OSHA Infection Control Course Content (2 Parts) :

Part 1 : The American Heart Association portion of the course uses the PACT acronym (Protect, Act, Clean, Tell) and slogan, “Make a PACT, Know How to Act,” to help students learn and easily recall bloodborne pathogens training.

Learning Objectives :

  • Protect themselves from exposure to bloodborne pathogens
  • Act when exposed to blood or blood-containing materials in the workplace
  • Clean themselves and the area when exposed to blood or blood-containing materials in the workplace
  • Tell or report any exposure to blood or blood-containing materials in the workplace

Part 2: The Dental Specific Training provides professionals with an overview of best practices for infection control with an emphasis on how to adapt guidelines and recommendations into every day practice.

What you will learn:

  • Understand the principles and processes of disinfection and sterilization;
  • Identify the steps to sharps safety
  • Identify the personal protective attire and gear for dental personnel safety
  • Identify the infection prevention strategies that dental staff should follow at all times
  • Post Exposure Process
  • Hazard Communication Standard
  • Globally Harmonized System of Classification & Labeling (GHS)

You can also add this course along with CPR for site specific training from our AHA instructors for a total of 5CEUs.

Course cost: $50 per Student

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